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DNA-Evolution - JOpt-TourOptimizer Documentation

JOpt is a flexible routing optimization-engine written in Java, allowing to solve tour-optimization problems that are highly restricted, for example, regarding time windows, skills, and even mandatory constraints can be applied. For a general introduction to JOpt, please click here.

Introduction video

Watch our introduction video. Click, to open video:

Introduction Video for DNA's JOpt



The easist way to get started with JOpt is to use our Example repository (written in Java) on GitHub.

You can start using/exploring JOpt-TourOptimizer in different ways.


In case you want to get started without the hassle of installing Java, Maven and an IDE, we provide a sandbox. The sandbox is based on code-server and can be used inside your browser, the interface itself is based on Visual Code. You have to host it in your local Docker environment (Please provide at least 2-4Gb of Ram and 2 Cores). The latest version of our examples is cloned by default on launching the Docker container, and you can start testing JOpt right away.



Please follow the instruction on our DockerHub page - click here. Alternatively you can also visit our Example repository.

Docker - Spring and Swagger

Use any language you want by generating your desired client. The JOpt-TourOptimizer engine can be used as a Docker REST-compatible container utilizing Spring WebFlux and Swagger. See Docker HowTo for details.


Net legacy version

We still support a legacy .NET version of JOpt. We utilize IKVM.NET that is effectively a Java framework running on top of the .NET's framework.

Please follow the instruction described in on our Example repository.


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