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Use JOpt-TourOptimizer inside your browser as a sandbox utilizing Docker.

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If you want to get started without the hassle of installing Java, Maven and an IDE, we provide a sandbox. The sandbox is based on code-server and can be used inside your browser, and the interface itself is based on Visual Code. The sandbox is available via our DockerHub page. You have to host the sandbox in your Docker environment (Please provide at least 2-4Gb of Ram and 2 Cores). You can pull the sandbox from our DockerHub account (The Dockerfile for creating the sandbox is included in our GitHub Example repository). The latest version of our examples is cloned by default on launching the Docker container, and you can start testing JOpt right away.

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Starting the sandbox and persist your changes

You must mount a volume to which the examples of this project are downloaded on the container's startup. After re-launching the container, the latest version of our examples is only cloned if the folder is not already existing, keeping your files safe from being overridden.

Launching a sandbox and mounting your current directory ('$PWD') or any other directory you want:

docker run -it -d --name jopt-examples -p -v "$PWD/:/home/coder/project" dnaevolutions/jopt_example_server:latest

Using the sandbox

After starting the container, you can open http://localhost:8042/ with your browser and log in with the password:


During the run of your first example file, some dependencies are downloaded, and it will take some time (below 1 minute depending on your internet connection). In case you need help, contact us.

Please visit our tutorial video on YouTube (approx. 3 minutes duration) hosted on YouTube on how to use our sandbox.

Closing Words

Even though the sandbox is a fully functional development environment, we do not recommend using it for production purposes as the performance is weakened. However, it is an excellent way for getting in touch with our TourOptimizer software.


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