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Welcome to the DNA-Evolutions documentation


A collection of documents and tutorials for JOpt. JOpt is a flexible routing optimization-engine written in Java, allowing to solve tour-optimization problems that are highly restricted, for example, regarding time windows, skills, and even mandatory constraints can be applied.


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Why JOpt?

You are developing software for Logistics Dispatch Solutions, which contain challenges:

  • for staff dispatching such as sales reps, mobile service, or workforce?

  • for trucks shipment allocation in daily transportation and logistics (scheduling, tour optimization, etc.)?

  • for waste management and District Planning?

  • generally, highly constrained problem sets?

Watch our introduction video. Click, to open video:

Introduction Video for DNA's JOpt

Examples - Educate yourself


For an extensive collection of examples (written in Java) please visit our official GitHub page. This fully functional Maven project can be cloned and can be used as a base for starting with JOptTourOptimizer.


Let a human dispatcher, or the included ObjectiveTuner tune optimization criterias to the best fit for your desired dispatching goals and business cases and let JOpt create the required solutions in the most efficient way.


Your product does not have an automized optimization engine? Then JOpt is the perfect fit for your product and can help you to save money, time, and workforce, letting you concentrate on your core business.

JOpt has been designed as an integrable module for existing programs and suites for logistics planning purposes or standard ERP systems. If your product requires manual user input for dispatching tasks such as manually

  • determine arrival times at tour stops or making sure that given fixed appointments are met,

  • make sure that all drivers' and resources' working times are kept,

  • allocate a huge number of tasks to any mobile resources or large-scale vehicle fleets

you can utilize the JOpt.TourOptimizer engine to assist and even do the planning job and let it find the optimized tours for each of your trucks and resources. JOpt.TourOptimizer will find the tours from all the shipments and tasks of the day while at the same time the costs in terms of time- and travel-distances are minimized, additionally ensuring, as much as possible, that your constraints are not violated. These constraints, for example, are working- and travel-time regulations, drivers' skills, and transportation rules, personal preferences of both resources and customers, already negotiated and assured appointment times, hard constraints, and many more.


Integrating the JOpt components into existing solutions is straight forward as it is docker compatible using the famous Swagger REST-API, or directly integrable as native Java dependency accessible via Maven or as direct Jar download. Whatever your programming environment is, REST facilitates software integration in your desired language (including famous ones like C#, Java, JS, Scala, Python, and many more ).

Direct integration:


Example Integration scheme for docker: Screenshot


Please have a look at our tutorials-section on how to improve your product with our JOpt engine. Include this software into your solution and let the engine do the work and calculate the best and most convincing tours for a given set of tasks and shipments.

Additional tools

Also, DNA Evolutions provide geographic software components which are supporting the automated dispatching process such as JOpt.RoutePlanner and JOpt.GeoCoder as a preview.

What's now?

For a more detailed introduction to JOpt, please click here. Alternatively, proceed with Getting started


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