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License for the optimization

For running an optimization, a license is required, in case you use more than ten elements (including nodes and resources). The license will be provided as a JSON definition. In case you run the optimizer as a dependency, you can save this definition as a text file and set it on startup or as String.

 // Via String


 // Or via file

Example of how a license can look like:

  "version" : "7.4",
  "identifier" : "TEST-",
  "description" : "Key provided to by DNA evolutions GmbH",
  "contact" : "",
  "modules" : [ {
    "Module:" : "Date",
    "creation" : "2020-05-25",
    "due" : "2024-05-08"
  }, {
    "Module:" : "Elements",
    "max" : 100
  } ],


Changing any JSON-key (deleting, modifying, or adding) of the license will deactivate the license. The only allowed modification is a formating step, like prettifying the JSON.

In case you are using the docker version of JOptTourOptimizer, you will have to send this JSON definition along with your request.


For reading our license agreement and for further information about license plans, please visit


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